a warm welcome, extended to myself…

For reasons unknown to me, I started to feel like the glitz and glam of LiveJournal was inhibiting my ability to write. So, I’ve decided to switch blogs. For purely selfish reasons, I want this blog completely closed to the public, community-free, Google-free, and accessible to only my close friends. I plan on reflecting on some pretty deep shit in here, something I felt I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

So, without further ado, I’d like to welcome myself to the crisp, clean, user-friendly world of blogging. Officially. For real, this time.

I suppose this is my cue to say, “stay tuned for more.” Probably, I won’t have an audience for awhile. I’ll close with an excerpt from some lyrics I wrote recently:

Take me on a trip

A trip inside your mind

If you can find the time

Because I can’t understand

How your world’s so defined

And it’s not like mine

Not like mine at all


Throw me on the battlefield

Strip me of my branded clothes

Tattoo me in camouflage

Hang me like a wounded rose

Carry me around the globe

Leave me to your regiment

Maybe I’ll see you

when the storm clouds go.


I had a lot to learn

I could have kept it all

But the world inside your mind

Would ruin us over time

And it’s not like mine

It’s not like mine at all

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  1. i decided to follow you over here so that way in the future when we finally meet up i won’t feel pathetic enough to ask what is going on..

  2. By viewable only to friends, does this mean I will need to get an account here to view it?

    PS… Miss you!

  3. thanks, dudettes. i meant…i’m not going to tell everyone about it, just those i care about


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