today, i got lost

My aunt and I decided to go hiking today at Devil’s Den in Weston. To say it’s in the middle of nowhere is an understatement. My Tom-Tom spat out about twenty different backroad names (thank God), my poor tires rolled up countless hills, and then we arrived. I had been there twice before, each time progressively more confusing. To give the town some credit, they do provide trail maps. But, they’re worthless and almost completely outdated. We decided to venture on and defy the odds anyhow, with three hours of daylight remaning.

This time, we took the path less traveled by, and we didn’t even know it. Toward the tail end of our journey, we started to look for signs back to the lot. We hit a fork in the path where a haphazard arrow pointed to “Devil’s Den Entrance.” So, we followed it. About three miles later, the parking lot was still nowhere to be seen. My aunt, sprinting about a hundred yards ahead of me, began to panick and told me to pick up the pace. Meanwhile, my bladder was full, my stomach was rumbling, and I had just tripped over a log and landed on my knee.

We decided to turn back around and find marker 35, the only glimpse of hope, or so it seemed. So, we walked back to the fork. Clara gets a call and it’s the cops. The POLICE. What the hell?! Turns out, my other aunt, upon learning we were “lost,” called the Weston 911. A sure matter of life and death, indeed.

The cop traced the cell phone callĀ on their GPS. Miraculously, he was able to direct us back the way we had originally come. My mother called frantically and offered to haul her giant SUV into the wooded boondocks and pick us up. She eventually hushed and realized she was being nuts.

The best part: we’re going to be in the Weston, CT police report.

I’m kind of humiliated, but also glad to have added some humor to my weekend.

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