wintry wisdom…

My fingers are frozen in the sub-arctic climate of this office. I’m dreading tonight’s post-workout sweat mingling with the cold air. I was born with Mediterranean blood; I’m in dire need of warmth all the time. Showers must be scalding hot, soup must be way above boiling point, tea must be very hot throughout the entire drinking process, and I must cover my neck when I sleep at night. If cold touches my neck, the world freezes over. I hate the cold. While I wait for the first signs of summer (forget spring), let’s reflect on the positives of winter for a bit:

-The moths are hibernating. My fear is allayed.

-Tea becomes a true blessing.

-Boots. High black leather ones. Enough said.

-Unconditional love from my cat who chooses to remain indoors.

-Days spent at bookstores reading or writing, scorching hot tea in hand.

-Giant cauldrons of soup are more delectable.

-The virginal white color of snow makes me feel less bad for being a paleĀ  nun.

-Leggings. The only prize from the “what-the-fuck-happened-here?” decade.

-Fire. Sitting by it and whatnot.

-Winter hiking. It’s actually worth freezing for, provided the temperature does not drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

-The gym. Discovering your inner jock-ette.

These are rather pathetic.

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