rollerblade resurrection

Sometimes, acting on a whim works in your favor. Take today, for instance. Out of nowhere, except maybe a bit of childhood  nostalgia, I decided to bring back an extreme sport now dead to suburban man: rollerblading. I ventured to my local Sports Authority and bought a pair of K2’s; surprisingly, they were reasonably priced. I fell victim to the ‘blading craze of the 90’s, rolling (no, not on Ecstacy) wherever my teenage legs would take me, and I loved every minute of it. Funny enough, I can’t recall exactly how, when, or why I stopped. I suppose the blades and I just grew apart?

In any event, I’ve got to say that these are some hot wheels. Black with white vector-like art on the velcro straps, and a little pink breast cancer ribbon. Good quality to boot. I’m totally satisfied with this purchase. I’ve put a few miles on my wheels so far and plan on practicing during the warmer months. Hell, I’m even thinking about entering as “fresh meat” (newcomer) in a roller derby just for the hell of it. Why not, right? First, I need a name. Rule: it has to be slightly permiscuous or suggestive, i.e. Betty Bladelicker but not that.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me just say that resurrecting an old hobby is a gratifying experience. Sure, it’s a little step in the overall scheme of things, but that’s sort of the point. As the cliche preaches, it’s the little things. While skating away under the sunshine in an elementary school parking lot, I came across a little girl on a bike. She smiled, in awe of what adorned my feet, possibly in hopes that she, too, would someday own a pair. I told her she was doing an awesome job on the bike. She waved and smiled every time I bladed past her. Even though I miss being a chid, innocent and optimistic of all my surroundings, I also love living vicariously through children in my adulthood. It seems small, but I hadn’t experienced a simple joy like this in years. It took a whimsical decision to achieve that.

When it seems right, listen to your whim, people. Don’t dismiss it or you may miss out.

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