The cat cries for something intangible. It’s not food, water, her favorite Pounce Tartar Control treats, or even a free cuddle.  So, what ails her? Hell if I know. She’s trying my last nerve. Patience, I must have patience. Oree is merely a child despite her elderly age in feline years. In reality, I think her litter box needs a good dumping, but that’s not a chore I want to face until tomorrow. So I lay awake, allowing her enough time to dispose of her waste or meow her frustrations outdoors, until I break down and let her in. Guaranteed, she’ll cry throughout the night. Lack of sleep leads to delusional things. This could be dangerous, since I plan on doing a great deal of rollerblading tomorrow.

With my insomnia, my wanderlust bites and nags. I want to go places. See things. Meet people and engage in big talk (small talk doesn’t interest me). I’m a pretty well-traveled adult, but it’s never enough. There’s too much out there. I must explore.

And with that, my brain goes into dormant mode.

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