it’s perfectly acceptable to…

-bump into a pole, sign, or any other inanimate object and say, “oops, sorry!”

-show emotion at work when there seems to be absolutely nowhere else to place your feelings. Being told otherwise is like asking someone to take a break from being human.

-leave for a 3 PM sanity walk and breath of fresh air without letting everyone know of your whereabouts.

-wear Tweety pajamas from morning to night on weekends.

-change your story slightly with an innocent white lie.

-cut ties with someone if they’re not worth your time investment.

-want to go a day or two, or even three, without having to think about anything beyond the scope of a day.

-abandon technology to gain peace of mind.

-not want to work for awhile, even in a bad economy.

-want time to yourself without having to justify it to others. They’ll understand, and if they don’t, confront them gently later when you’re ready.

-NOT drink the Kool-Aid

-wear flip-flops in 40-degree weather.

-eat more than a guy.

-listen to someone’s story and have absolutely nothing to offer them but your ears and companionship.

-have 5 zillion dreams at once.

-read two books at once, with a different chair/location reserved for each.

-abstain from political conversation.

-feign sickness once in awhile when you don’t feel like facing the day.

-go commando.

-let others know when their negativity begins to effect you.

-not always know the difference between “affect” and “effect”

-hypenate an adverbial phrase, a continually-committed mistake.

-be an english major and admit to the two above.

-escribir puestos en otro idioma aunque la mayoria no entienda.

-scrivere nelle altre lingue perche non capiscono nessuno.

-go to bed at 10:09 PM.

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