Throw-back to 2003.
Assignment: 10 statements of honesty to 10 anonymous people.

1. You bit the hand that fed you, spat on it, and then turned the other way. I picked up your scraps and even made a collage out of them. I showed it to you, and you were indifferent.

2. I wish you knew how to give a person space. I value you as a fellow human being, but I don’t think I can establish an actual friendship with you if I can’t have breathing room.

3. Trying to reach you is like pulling teeth. I wish you’d be more respectful and courteous of my time. You try my patience constantly and I’m not sure you even care. Do you feign oblivion or are you really clueless?

4. I wish we could meet in person. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you and what you’ve done to reach out to me when I so desperately needed wisdom. I don’t even know you, but I know you’re a sincere, genuine person.

5. You’re insightful, intuitive, and can read people without even knowing them. You have a gift I hope you keep giving.

6. Even though it’s been years, and even though we never directly crossed paths, I owe you an apology.

7. It was our time together that has shaped who I once was and who I have become. I mean this in both a positive and negative light. You’ve taught me how to approach situations with more (sometimes too much) caution. You’ve taught me that trust doesn’t come easy. In fact, it’s extremely challenging to trust another person, let alone become close to one. You’ve inspired me to write; thank you.

8. I’m on the fence. Do I reach out to you again in hopes of rebuilding a friendship that was torn to shreds nearly seven years ago, or do I let it go? I can continue the small talk with you although it’s pretty cheap.

9. I really felt uncomfortable that one time. I said things I didn’t mean, and I can’t take any of it back. I assume you’ve moved on, and so have I, but sometimes I wish I had a magic wand or eraser. I’m still pretty embarrassed and have a hard time shaking that feeling.

10. You deserve to make sweet romance with the rats that inhabit your living quarters.

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